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Hii! It's me- CierraAnn

A girl and her camera who loves to capture all your most wanted memories for years to come! I started photography as a hobby my senior year in high school and only fell more in love with it as time has past. Throughout time, I also started to learn videography and how similar, yet different the two can be. That being said, I love both for what they are. Photography and videography are beautiful- it can be raw, emotional, captivating or even empowering- and I want to be your girl to capture it all! :)

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Miranda + Nick

I work with Cierra often as I am a wedding planner but I also had the pleasure of hiring her for my engagement and wedding day. Cierra is someone who puts every worry to rest and truly knows how to make clients feel comfortable. I needed someone who was very detail oriented and could deliver my very specific visions. I am a hard person to impress but Cierra continually blows my mind with her talents every single time! I cannot thank Cierra enough for perfectly capturing the most precious moments in my life.

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